How It Works

Signing Up

Joining the community is easy. Registration is free. To request a login, pleaseĀ register here. Note: This program is only for patients of HonorHealth Bariatric Center. If you are not a patient, your profile will be removed.

Joining the discussion

To join the discussion, login with your username and password. After you login, you will see a menu with the following options.

  • Forum
    • Index
    • Recent Topics
    • Profile
    • Rules
    • Help
    • Search

The Forum link will take you to an overview of the categories available on the forum. The Index link will take you to a listing of the topics available on the Forum. The Recent Topics link will take you to a page with topics that have the most recent activity in them. The Profile link will take you to your profile page where you can update your login information. The Rules and Help links provide information on proper conduct within the Forum and who to contact to get help. The search link provides you the ability to search for other members by username.

New to Forums?

Forums are used to develop community and discussion around various topics of interest. Dr. Chris Braley and the support team at HonorHealth Bariatric Center will post topics and moderate responses.

View forum topics and join the discussion by clicking on the topic titles. You can also manage your profile and connect with others online.

How to Participate?

After you login and click on the Forum link, Index link or Recent Topics link, you will see categories or topics of discussion. Click on the topic of interest to you and begin reading the topic. You can participate in the discussion by clicking on one of the following:

  • QUICK REPLY (replies to the topic and give you a text box to provide your reply)
  • REPLY (replies to the topic and gives you a text box and emoticons to type in your reply)
  • QUOTE (replies to the topic and gives you a text box and emoticons to type in your reply and also quotes the person you are replying to)

The Thank You button is to a quick way to say thank you to a person who is part of the discussion. This is a quick way to let the other person know that you have found value in what they have posted.

Your Profile

Your privacy and confidentiality is important to us and to this community. As a result, we only display your username to others within the system. The staff at HonorHealth Bariatric Center have the ability to see your full profile, but the rest of your information is private to you. You can upload your own profile image or choose one of the Avatars in the system. To modify your profile, select the Profile link from the menu at the right (after you have logged in).